Australian Alpaca Fleece Limited | Corporate Development
Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd designs and creates alpaca fleece products in Australia using Australian grown alpaca fibre. Our membership of nearly 1000 alpaca growers supplying fleece.
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Corporate Development

Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd. (AAFL) is the largest Australian Alpaca fibre trading company and Alpaca garments wholesaler in Australia. During the past 20 years, since its origins in the Australian Alpaca Cooperative in 1995, AAFL has evolved from only trading raw alpaca fibre to a fully integrated solution for the Australian Alpaca fibre which includes from fibre trading to retailing the finest alpaca garments.

The Australian Alpaca Co-operative Ltd was established in March 1995. It was a breeder driven organisation, which on behalf of its members created products manufactured and designed in Australia using Australian grown alpaca fibre. The Co-op rose to a membership of nearly 1000 alpaca growers. The organisation was heavily supported by its members, who also bought a lot of the early products and supplied fleece, which enabled the Co-operative to start experimenting with a number of the early classing categories. This valuable R & D work set the foundation for the Co-op being able to approach commercial strategic partners to include alpaca products in their ranges and sell nationally to the traditional retail trade.

It was this early work that set the basis for the commercialisation of the Australian alpaca industry. As the volume of the national clip grew and the Co-op’s strategic partners had more success, and as further strategic partners came on board, it became clear that a new structure had to be put in place.

The projections for the industry were rising from 30 tonnes of raw fleece per year to over a hundred tonnes by 2006, and with the clip growing at 20% annually it was vital that the fleece side of the alpaca industry was prepared and able to meet this rising demand. On 31st March 2004, Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd was formed with considerable expert help and support from members of the Australian Alpaca Association Council and its appointed Joint Project Working Group.

Today AAFL offers a variety of solutions to the Australian Alpaca Fibre industry:

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Alpaca Fibre Trading

AAFL continues buying alpaca fibre from Australian producers to be sold locally and overseas, today AAFL’s Alpaca Mark reaches customers in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Peru in addition to our Australian Customers.

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AAFL Distributes in Australian a complete variety of Alpaca made garments under its Brand, Australian Alpaca Connection and also is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand of the internationally recognised Alpaca fashion brand, Kuna.



At The Ardent Alpaca, a nice country town alpaca shop, situated in Beechworth a Victorian regional town, AAFL retails its brands and also offers alpaca products from local knitters.