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Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd designs and creates alpaca fleece products in Australia using Australian grown alpaca fibre. Our membership of nearly 1000 alpaca growers supplying fleece.
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Garment care

Garment care / Size conversion chart

Before you begin, read the care label attached to the garment and any hang tags.

If washing by hand

  • Gently hand wash in cool water (29°C) with a mild soap. Never use chlorine bleach.
  • Gently press to remove excess water. Do not wring: handle gently to avoid wrinkles and distortion.
  • Dry flat.
  • Reshape to original dimensions while drying.
  • Smooth by hand while wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings.
  • Touch up with a cool iron (lowest temperature setting) as needed.

If washing by machine

  • Machine wash in cool water (29°C) with a mild soap on delicate cycle. Never use chlorine bleach.
  • Hang to dry or dry flat (lay out horizontally for drying).
  • Touch up with a cool iron (lowest temperature setting) as needed.

If dry cleaning

  • Bring with you any labels or hang tags that contain fiber information or care instructions.
  • Inform the cleaner of any spots or stains, they will want to treat some stains before the dry cleaning process.
  • We recommend that you request the cleaner use fresh or filtered solvent, and a dry cleaning process that does not involve tumbling of the garment and uses low heat (140°F / 60°C) drying.
  • Knits that have shrunk from the dry cleaning process can be “blocked” (reshaped to original dimensions) by the cleaner. Request this service, if needed.
  • Your cleaner may also provide mothproofing. Request this service, if needed.
  • Some wool may show pilling (the appearance of tiny balls on the fabric surface). Dry cleaning may increase their number but your cleaner should remove them as part of the finishing process.

Size conversion chart

Order Size S M L XL XXL
Ladies 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18
Mens 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48