Australian Alpaca Fleece Limited | Q&A about alpaca fleece
Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd designs and creates alpaca fleece products in Australia using Australian grown alpaca fibre. Our membership of nearly 1000 alpaca growers supplying fleece.
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Q&A about alpaca fleece

Q&A about alpaca fleece

14:55 15 November in Alpaca Fleece

Q. Does AAFL buy Alpaca Fibre?

A. YES, AAFL is the first and largest Australian alpaca fibre trader and alpaca clothing wholesaler in Australia.

Q. What kind of Alpaca Fibre does AAFL buy?

A. AAFL has always purchased ALL alpaca fleece, necks and clean pieces, classed or unclassed, in small or large quantities. This includes suri and huacaya, in ALL grades from the finest to the broadest, and ALL colours including mixed colours.

Q. Where & When Does AAFL receive alpaca fleece?

A. AAFL receives alpaca fleece at the warehouse in Sunshine West Vic all year-round during business hours.

Q. When would i get paid for my fleece?


  • AAFL makes fleece payments in the first fortnight of each month.
  • Fleece Suppliers will be paid in the following month after valuation at Sunshine, Vic. For example, if your clip is valued in January 2019 you would be paid in February 2019
  • All Clips are valued on a first in – first out basis.
  • Payments are normally made via EFT to a nominated bank account

Q. What does AAFL do with your Fleece?

A. Selected fleece lots are sold to processors in New Zealand, and especially to Incalpaca Peru. Other fleece lots are sold to customers in Australia and overseas. AAFL commissions throw rugs to be made in New Zealand for sale in Australia, and a wide range of scarves and shawls to be made from Australian fleece held specifically for this purpose in Arequipa.